Blogging Challenge 2

Activity 1

While researching about plagiarizing and copyright, I found out that if you copy someones piece or writing, image, video, etc. and you claim that you did all of the work yourself, the person/company that created that image could get you in serious trouble.  Plagiarism means takings someone else’s work and claiming it as your own.  In order to prevent that from happening, you should cite where you got that writing or image from (basically enter the URL that you got the image/writing from and enter the author’s name who created that image).  But if the image/writing that you got from a certain website, video, etc. that did plagiarize the image and you entered the URL for the website that plagiarized the image, you wont get into trouble because you most likely didn’t know that the website was plagiarizing.  That is all that I found in my research of plagiarism.

Activity 2

285-365 Daniel Hirsch Delgado via Compfight

The water is splashing against the shores calmly,

While the stars in the sky are shining brightly.

The planets far away fill in the emptiness of space,

Without them no life would exist.

Don’t you think that space is a stunning view?


The shooting stars make the world a magnificent place,

They will provide light for you to seek your way around area.

But in the end, space is space,

Without it, the world will never be a more beautiful place.

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