There are many heroes in the Lion King and many characteristics that make them the heroes they are.  But just like the Lion King, there are also many heroes in […]

There are many types of astronomy.  But most people think that astronomy is just one whole subject, but it is actually a combination of multiple types of astronomy.  Before I […]

For our 20% project I feel that we have not made any major accomplishments yet.  This is probably because we were spending most of our time worrying about the 20% […]

For my group’s 20% project, we have chosen to hold a dodge ball tournament.  With this dodge ball tournament we will have an entry fee of $1-5$ if you come […]

Activity 3 It was just another regular day for everyone on the planet.  Everybody was doing their everyday activities and jobs.  The skies were bright blue and the the […]

Have you ever thought about space and all the cool things that are out there?  If you manage to make it to space, you become taller by a maximum of […]

Activity 1 While researching about plagiarizing and copyright, I found out that if you copy someones piece or writing, image, video, etc. and you claim that you did all of […]

Hello Jacob!  I like to play video games, too.  I find them entertaining as well.  But, can you tell us a little more about Black Ops 3?  Also, what device […]